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All CCHL Reps will first need to create an account on or login to your existing account to register for this league. Once logged in, proceed with the steps below.

Phase I

Step 1 – Add a Team

  • Click Teams in the main menu at top, then click the blue Add New Team button
  • Under Club Name, select your club name from the dropdown menu
  • Input your Team’s Color in the Team Name field
  • Select division (8U, 10U, etc.)
  • Click Save

Step 2 – Register for this league

  • Click Events in the main menu at top
  • Click the blue Register Here button
  • Click Save

Phase II

Step 3 – Add Team Manager Contact Information

  • Log into your dashboard
  • Under Getting Started, select your team
  • Click Contacts icon, then Add New Contact
  • For Role, select Team Manager
  • Enter Team Manager’s first and last name, email, and phone number
  • Slide the Allow Access button to Yes
  • Click Save